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home improvement mistakes you should avoid

When I bought my house four years ago, I had envisioned an entirely different layout than what the house had. I knew that it would only be a matter of time before I began knocking out the walls I needed to expand the kitchen and master bedroom. I was pretty good at knocking out the walls, but it was the steps after that that I did not get accomplished as quickly as I would have liked. I decided to hire a general contractor to help me finish the projects that I had started. You can learn about my journey of home improvement failures on my website, so you can avoid the same awful mistakes that I had made.



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home improvement mistakes you should avoid

    Why You Should Choose Directional Drilling For Residential Sewer Line Connections

    When your Canadian home requires upgrading from a septic system to a municipal sewer line, there are a couple of reasons you should choose directional drilling when laying a new pipeline. Horizontal directional drilling of your home's sewer line is an alternative to trenching, and one that will help maintain the look and integrity of your landscape. It can also help you switch from septic to sewer faster and cheaper than if you use an excavating service to trench.

    How To Replace Baseboard Molding

    Changing your baseboard molding is a great home renovation project. It is a subtle but effective way to clean up the look of any room. Baseboard is important because it defines the line of your floor and separates your floor from your wall. When baseboard gets old or damaged, it can make your walls and floors look older. This article will explain how to replace molding on your own. Removing the Old Baseboard

    Style Strategies For Contemporary Custom Homes

    If you are planning to build your own home, do you know what structural style you will be using? There are essentially seven unique styles that you may choose to echo in your custom home plans, each earmarked by distinct features and details that will give your new home panache. Seven style strategies when building your custom home include the following: Georgian Georgian home design was popular in the 1700's, and it embraced high ceilings and floor-to-wall features that gave each room a distinguished feel.

    The Dos And Don'ts Of Using A Wet Tile Saw

    So, you're looking to update your kitchen or bathroom with a little tile work. And to save money, you've decided to take on the tile job yourself. However, in order to ensure a proper fit for your new ceramic or glass tile, you'll probably need to cut at least a few of the tiles. By purchasing and learning how to use a wet tile saw, you can achieve clean straight-edge, corner, and even notch cuts on just about any type of tile.

    How To Change The Knobs And Pulls On Your Kitchen Cabinets

    The knobs, handles and pulls on the doors and drawers of your kitchen cabinets can go out of style overtime. Also, this hardware often breaks or loses its finish due to everyday wear and tear. Cabinets in a kitchen seem to wear down quicker than other cabinets, usually because of the high-traffic in the kitchen. This article will explain how to change the knobs and pulls on the doors and drawers of your kitchen cabinets.