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home improvement mistakes you should avoid

When I bought my house four years ago, I had envisioned an entirely different layout than what the house had. I knew that it would only be a matter of time before I began knocking out the walls I needed to expand the kitchen and master bedroom. I was pretty good at knocking out the walls, but it was the steps after that that I did not get accomplished as quickly as I would have liked. I decided to hire a general contractor to help me finish the projects that I had started. You can learn about my journey of home improvement failures on my website, so you can avoid the same awful mistakes that I had made.



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home improvement mistakes you should avoid

The Most Common HVAC Services In Canada

by Alexis Bailey

There is this old joke that if you want air conditioning in Canada, you simply open the windows and let the frosty air in. All kidding aside, however, HVAC services and technicians do exist in Canada, and not everyone heats their homes with fireplaces or wood stoves. In fact, the most called-for home services are as follows. 

Furnace Maintenance

Furnaces are absolute necessities for any home within fifty miles of the major Canadian cities. Gas and oil are the most common, although there is a fair share of electric furnaces the closer you get to the heart of any city. Regardless of the type of furnace you have up here, it needs maintenance services just as it would anywhere else in the world. HVAC technicians are very busy all year long making sure that everyone's furnaces are effectively running and they are clean. 

Furnace Replacements

Yes, it is true that furnaces have to run a little bit longer and a little more often than furnaces in the U.S. That fact might explain why furnaces here are replaced slightly more often than those of the neighbor to the south. However, the technicians and contractors here are very capable and able of replacing furnaces quickly and efficiently so that there is not enough time for a home or building to grow cold before the new furnace is running. 

Furnace Repairs

Even though the vast majority of furnaces are (and should be) well-maintained, there will always be that one storm that sweeps down from the Arctic Circle and hovers for days that causes a furnace or two to break. It is going to be okay because the technician or contractor you call to fix the furnace will be able to drive over and fix it fairly quickly. Short of the roads being too blocked to get through or a broken snow machine and pull sled, the technician/contractor can make your appointment within a day or two (sometimes within a couple of hours). 

Insulating Vents

It helps to insulate ventilation systems in Canada. It prevents warm air from seeping out the seems of the air ducts and helps keep the warm air moving into and through your home. It is also a good idea from the standpoint that warm ducts help keep your furnace efficient and prevent constant starts of the appliance to keep up with the cold air the appliance thinks it is feeling from the ductwork. 

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