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home improvement mistakes you should avoid

When I bought my house four years ago, I had envisioned an entirely different layout than what the house had. I knew that it would only be a matter of time before I began knocking out the walls I needed to expand the kitchen and master bedroom. I was pretty good at knocking out the walls, but it was the steps after that that I did not get accomplished as quickly as I would have liked. I decided to hire a general contractor to help me finish the projects that I had started. You can learn about my journey of home improvement failures on my website, so you can avoid the same awful mistakes that I had made.



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home improvement mistakes you should avoid

Shopping For A New Kitchen Faucet? 2 Things To Know Before You Buy

by Alexis Bailey

Though kitchen faucets are generally built for the long haul, eventually the time will come to replace them. Unfortunately, the wide variety of faucet styles now available can make it hard to find the right one for you. If you would appreciate some guidance for picking the perfect faucet during your home kitchen upgrades, read on. This article will arm you with two helpful tips.

Stay away from side sprayers.

Many consumers are tempted into purchasing faucets that come equipped with pull-out side sprayers. After all, they figure, that sprayer really comes in handy for cleaning the sink. This may be true. Yet the vast array of problems that beset side sprayers--from stuck hoses, to abysmal water pressure, to nagging leaks--greatly undermine their value.

Luckily, there is a better option for those with their hearts set on buying a faucet with a built-in sprayer: pull down sprayers. Whereas side sprayers are located next to the faucet, a pull down sprayer is integrated right into the faucet head. Pull down sprayers don't require many of the components that make side sprayers so problematic. That means your sink will be less likely to develop unwanted problems down the line.

Make proper reach your highest priority.

It's easy to become caught up in the glitz and glam of top of the line faucets. Yet in the long run, it's the practical aspects that will really determine what's right for you. Two of the most overlooked such aspects are the height and the reach of a particular faucet.

Of these two factors, height isn't as critical--unless, that is, you've got cabinets or shelves right over the sink hole in your countertop. Then you're going to need to take some careful measurements in order to ensure that your new faucet has the clearance it needs. To be on the safe side, take your old faucet with you when shopping for a replacement. That way you can make a direct comparison.

Reach is a faucet stat that many consumers overlook, often to their detriment. Be especially vigilant if you have a two or three basin sink. Yet if you end up with a faucet whose reach is too short, it may not be capable of providing all your basins with water. Not only that, but if the reach is short enough, you'll get a lot more water puddling up behind the counter--a condition that will eventually lead to water damage, leaks, and other problems.