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home improvement mistakes you should avoid

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home improvement mistakes you should avoid

How To Change The Knobs And Pulls On Your Kitchen Cabinets

by Alexis Bailey

The knobs, handles and pulls on the doors and drawers of your kitchen cabinets can go out of style overtime. Also, this hardware often breaks or loses its finish due to everyday wear and tear. Cabinets in a kitchen seem to wear down quicker than other cabinets, usually because of the high-traffic in the kitchen. This article will explain how to change the knobs and pulls on the doors and drawers of your kitchen cabinets.

Removing your Old Hardware

Most knobs are attached with one bolt that has a screwdriver head. Some handles are attached with two bolts and use a nut and washer system. So, all you will need is a screwdriver and/or a small adjustable wrench. To remove a knob, simply hold the bolt with a screwdriver or wrench while you twist the knob counterclockwise.

Attaching the New Hardware

Attaching the new hardware is very easy if you were simply using the same holes. However, most people want to reinforce their kitchen hardware by installing a more durable product. A more durable handle, knob or pull will have a thicker bolt. This means drill a larger hole in your door.

Drilling a New Hole

You cannot simply drill straight into the door of your hardwood cabinets. If you plan on drilling in the same spot as your old hole, this is very easy. Before you drill the hole, place a small piece of masking tape over it. This prevents the wood from splintering and ruining the paint or stain on the cabinet.

If you plan on installing your handle in a new location, you will need a few more tools. First, you will need a level and a measuring tape. You might also need to do a little bit of math in your head or on a calculator. Installing bolts with two handles it was more difficult. Before you take your measurements, put masking tape around the area where you plan on drilling. You do not have to have places in exactly the right spots, just make sure you cover an ample area. After you take measurements, mark the drill spots directly onto the tape. When drilling, make sure you go straight into the wood and not at an angle.

In the end, you will be surprised how much different your cabinets can look with new hardware. It can bring the style up-to-date, and make your kitchen look much sharper. (For more information, contact Gravelle Woodworking Limited)